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We are an open minded, strong and passionate team of designers who are always looking for connective narratives to fuel innovative strategies for each project.

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    architecture firm in Norway to join the United Nations Global Compact initiative
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& Approach

Alliance is a Norwegian architectural studio established in June 2005.
The studio collaborates with various offices and disciplines, and frequently participates in architectural competitions.

The scope of work spans from case studies and area planning to the development and completion of various building projects, and ranging from detailing to area plans. We work on development design from conception to completion. The office primarily works with new construction, but is also involved in renovation, restoring and extensions to existing structures. The majority of the commissions consist of residential and commercial developments.


We want to inspire current and future urban development plans in directions that benefit society as a whole. In spring 2007, as the first architectural office in Norway, Alliance became a members of the UN’s Global Compact, where members commit themselves to aligning their operations with ten principles concerning environment, anti-corruption, human rights and labour. Furthermore, the office promotes the role of architecture as a trigger in encouraging the public to participate in environmental and social issues.  Alliance is a member of the Norwegian Green Building Council - providing engineering with high environmental focus, including guidance (AP) in both BREEAM NOR and BREEAM International.


We are a diversed skilled team covering most aspects and beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture
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Commitment to the United Nations initiative Global Compact is a reflection of our core values.
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