November 28, 2019
The circular pavilion on the roof of our Nordre gate project is now accessible to new residents, with a superb view of the Oslo skyline!

Why “circular”? The structure is entirely composed of reused or surplus elements, particularly windows (recycling means turning an element into raw materials which can be used to produce a new product. It’s good but it consumes energy, while reusing means using an object as it is without treatment, so it’s even more sustainable).

We are very happy and grateful to have designed this pavilion for Aspelin Ramm with Resirqel. Our objective is to be able to implement this on larger and larger scale projects.

At the moment ByKuben - Oslos senter for byøkologi, is organizing an exhibition dedicated to the circular use of resources, at Myntagata 2, as part of the architectural triennial. Photos of the pavilion are on display, it is really great that in Oslo there is a service such as ByKuben to accelerate the city's evolution towards more circularity! The exhibition will still be open tomorrow all morning.

Oslo Triennale

Photo : Melissa Hegge

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