February 20, 2020
Great with input on the development of Filipstad

Great with input on the development of Filipstad from our colleagues in Mad architects! provided an alternative to the detailed regulation for Hans Jægers kvartalet for Oslo Havn in 2014. It outlines many parallels to the input from MAD. Both clearly show an enormous potential for an exciting expansion of much-needed seaside urban areas in Oslo.Compared to the area plan we suggested:• Partial preservation of existing buildings. To anchor the new city and create local identity.• Prioritization of a central space to act as a protected outdoor space in contrast to the quay area. Microclimate in urban development is vital. We plan for a variety of people to use the city and experience it as alive, active and safe.• A grid that take into account existing surrounding urban structure• Possibility of more housing• Increased flexibility for buildings and blocks• A good mobility strategy There must be an increased focus on how to facilitate a varied and rich biodiversity and make the city robust enough to cope with climatic challenges, such as increased rainfall and rising temperatures. To focus on how public and private entities cooperate to ensure that the city is filled with content and activity throughout the development period.

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