October 24, 2019
Welcome to our new managing partner and new associate partners

We are really happy to welcome Tarjei Torgersen as he joins Angelica Kveen, Asger Hedegaard Christensen and Peter Constantineanu as one of the four managing partners.

Tarjei joined Alliance Arkitekturstudio in the spring of 2018. He fills an important role in our organization as the main production coordinator along with the project managers. He has expertise and interest in renovation and sustainable design, extensive knowledge and experience of the building process from a-z and a really sharp eye for the details. He has held a BREEAM-NOR AP since 2016. Tarjei is a really great guy and is a fantastic addition to the office.

As part of our ongoing commitment to shared ownership we’re also proud to announce three new associate partners - Elizabeth Schilling, Kristoffer Johan Gulbrandsen and Aleksander Hvitfeldt Rene.

Both Kristoffer and Alexander are very talented architects and are essential in the evolution of the office, while Elizabeth is doing an amazing job working on our finances, sales and business strategy as our office manager!

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