Hans Jægers Area

The end of the beginning of developing the Oslo Fjord City.

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Filipstad is one of the largest remaining central areas of the Oslo Fjord City to be transformed from port operations to an urban city.

Alliance arkitekter are responsible for completion of a detailed zoning plan for Hans Jaegers kvartal at Filipstad, and we’re monitoring the city’s master plan that is up for political consideration.

Port of Oslo started planning the Filipstad area in 2006. There have been outlined various concepts, identities and legal proposals, but so far nothing has adopted in becoming an approved plan.

Alliance arkitekter assist Port of Oslo in the work of the three different plans, with emphasis on Hans Jaegers kvartal. The plan submitted will develop 135 000 m², with an emphasis on office and commercial and minimum 20% residential. Hans Jaegers kvartal is the key link between the established city areas of Aker Brygge, Tjuvholmen and Vika, and the future development areas at Filipstad.

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  • Project
    Hans Jægers Area
  • Client
    Oslo Havn KF
  • Appointment
  • Completion
    In progress
  • Collaborators

  • Location
    Oslo, Norway
  • Type

    Planning and urbanism

  • Size
    135 000 m²
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