Kulimport —tomten

Kulimporttomten is part of a vast new development area in Stavanger, called Paradis. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of the sea by Gandsfjord.

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A significant challenge is merging flexibility and adaptability with different residential typologies.

By keeping building volumes as low as possible on the street side, higher structures on the sea side and positioning the high-rise on the northern part, it creates multifarious residential mix and ensures good sun conditions in public outdoor areas. Diversity of flexible settlement structures will allow different flat solutions that will become homes for young, elderly, small and large families, couples and singles.

The landscape between the building volumes ensures various qualities of outdoor spaces for the private courtyards, playgrounds and public promenade. The promenade along the sea side extends to several different levels throughout the site, connecting regulated quayside on the northern part and big green areas on the southern part.

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    Kulimport —tomten
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    Stavanger, Oslo
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