A testing ground for circularity

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Petersborghuset from 1870, is given new life as a neighborhood house in Ensjø, Oslo. It is now ready to meet the new generation.

The house dates for1870 and the purpose was to create a local youth house for the residents in Tidemannsbyen. The house was made accessible and more functional with a newstaircase to the attic and a lifting platform between the basement and the first floor was established.
The programming andplanning of new use was done in close collaboration with the client and by user participation through joint meetings with the neighborhood.
Much of the house’s fixtures and furniture were refurbished and restored, and outdated furniture was given a new life. If was important to ensure that the components that were redesigned gained greater value than they had, and thus increased their lifespan.
Some of the ideas tested and displayed:
-              The entrance room is given a new floor, made from the original cherry parquet mixedwith excess parquet from other projects.
-              Standard doors are painted and given simple ornamentation to go with the classic building.
-              A sink and a shelf made from plasticwaste displays more ways to use plastic scraps.
-              26chairs and four tables from a 90’s meeting room was redesigned and given a more contemporary design.
-              The old kitchen was moved, adapted, and given a facelift.
-              Sound absorbents are made from excess materials from wool and jeans production.

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    Ferd Eiendom
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    Ensjø, Oslo, Norway
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